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This is not a Gaming/E-Sport event
Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against gamers, some of us are gamers too. But this is a demoparty. Don't bother to show up if you only want to play games, networkgames, FPS-games, Online-games, RPG-games, etc - we don't go to your E-Sport event with loudspeakers. Oh, we reserve ourselves the right to publicly taunt any persons who behaves like a gamer at deadline.

This is not a Hacker/Unix Conference
There wont be any wargames, hack-a-thons, ircwar, seminars about security. Many of us work with Unix/networking and we like it. But this is a demoparty. We define our event as an event where technology meets art and we believe that just sitting on your place, recompiling your kernel and reconfiguring your desktop is not creative. Oh, concerning abusing any eventual network or internet connection we might put up - don't test us.

This is not a [mainstream] LAN-party
There won't be any DC-hubs, FTP-servers, DDR-competitions, Pornleechservers, etc. Actually, we might not even have a network, and if we do, it will NOT be supported. Remember, some of the things that go on today on LAN-parties have nothing to do with the demoscene. We don't care how much tradition it is at your local LAN-party. Squaredancing, pie-eating, knife-throwing has NOTHING to do with the demoscene - and even if we ourselves would do a clogdancing contest it wouldn't be because it is an essential part of the demoscene but because it might be a part of humanity. However, just don't come and say that we have to have a certain non-scene-compo cause we will just laugh at you, indefinately. Oh, we reserve ourselves the right to publicly taunt any persons who behaves like an IRCjunkie, a Scriptkiddie or just a general LAN-whore.

This is a DemoParty
We will have compos, scene events, alcohol, machines in every thinkable platform and so on. Everyone who likes this, who does these stuff, who feel at home here should come. If you're a scener just come and be yourself, the above mentioned stuff is a lamers-cover (think BBS-era). "Am I a scener?" you might ask, well heck, people who are still stuck on the philosophy whether they are sceners or not...

Please understand us! - You are all welcome to participate in our demoparty. Are you just curious, a fan, a spectator? Please come and join us! We know many cool sceners who just happens to also be part of some other scene. We just want to over-emphasize that there wont be anything else happening but the standard demoparty stuff.

Annoying intoxicated people will be thrown out if they don't stop being annoying.

Annoying intoxicated people will be thrown out if they don't stop being annoying.

If you make a mess (puking) at the party you will have to pay a handsome fee to the person who cleans it up.

People under 18 years of age are not allowed to drink alcohol at the party.

Smoking is only allowed outside the party.

All political, racist and religious activities are forbidden.

If you get thrown out your ticket is NOT refunded.

Remember, Swedish laws apply at deadline too!

People who do not comply to the rules or any other directions given by the crew will be thrown out so frikkin' hard that it is unbelivable.