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* Gamers and hackers may be asked to leave the party, they do not
contribute to a demoscene atmosphere. Being a gamer is pretty much defined
by a person who plays network games. We totally understand playing a
game on your C64, emulator or a local game on your computer. But if
you bring your own hub and launch up an FPS game, well, you can just
guess what happens. The kind of hackers we dislike are the kind who
sit in a corner, reading slashdot, with black clothes, not talking to
anyone and do not vote or compete in the compos.

* We will do everything we can do filter gaming network packets, to and
from internet as well as on the internal network.

* Intoxicated people may be asked to leave until they sober up.

* Annoying intoxicated people may be asked to leave the party.

* Smoking is only allowed outside the party.

* Drinking is only allowed at the party pub and you must be at least 18 years old.

* All political, racist and religious activities are forbidden.

* As in any true demoparty we will of course have a loud soundvolume.
You are allowed and encouraged to bring loudspeakers. Please remember that
the rooms, we will have the party in, are not big at all. So PA equip or
any home stereo over 200W may be overkill. If something is overkill (so we
in the party crew can't compete with it) you will not be allowed to use it
or you will have to use it moderately.

Remember, Swedish laws apply at deadline too!

People who do not comply to the rules or any other directions given by the partycrew
will be thrown out so frikkin hard that it is unbelivable.