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from: 2003 March 14 Friday 17:00
to: 2003 March 16 Sunday 15:00

Stockholm University (Check "maps" and "howtogethere")

entrance fee
100 SEK (about 11 Euro)
The entire fee will go unconditionally to compoprizes.
Partycosts are covered by other incomes (i.e. selling cola and candy).
The deadline crew will pay the same entrance fee.

A visitor will not get a seat and won't be able to compete or vote.
24h visitor, 50 SEK
1h visitor, 10 SEK

One tableplace is about 90cm wide and 75cm deep.

There will be both a Local Area Ethernet Network and Internet.
We wont promise for the stability on this and there is no refund if the
network doesn't work. We will do everything in our power, to filter and
prevent gaming. This is not a gameparty, hackerparty or copyparty so the
network will only be a bonus.

Please note that there are no showers at deadline, we are very sorry.
We will however do our outmost to see if we can improve this.

There will be a special silent hall for sleeping. It has hard floor so
bring mattresses and sleeping bags.

We will sell softdrinks, candy, potatochips (and the like) and food.

There will be a pub, Friday and Saturday evening. More about this
will be informed at the party.

nearby facilities
Closest Subway (Universitetet) is about 15mins walk.
Closest Gasstation (Statoil, open 24/7) is about 8mins walk.
Stockholm City is a couple of kilometres south.